Coca Cola x Lilly Singh


Leverage top-tier Canadian influencers to drive the “Share a Coke” message with the Millennial audience.


Studio71 partnered Coca Cola with Lilly Singh, aka iiSuperwomanii, to kick off a summer of sharing. In partnership, Coca Cola sponsored Lilly Singh’s 2015 Unicorn Island Tour in Toronto. Lilly then created one custom main channel video, two vlog videos, and amplified Coca Cola’s messaging across her social media platforms.


The YouTube video for Lilly’s Toronto tour stop had over 5.2 Million views and her social posts delivered 14 Million impressions on Instagram and Twitter.

Client: Coca-Cola
Creator: Lilly “Superwoman” Singh
Campaign: Share A Coke
Platform(s): YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
Service(s): Branded Content Social Promotion