Wendy’s x Rhett & Link


Drive positive buzz and increase sales for Wendy’s new beverage, HonesTea.


Studio71 partnered Wendy’s with Rhett & Link to create an original song, Just Being Honest with a music video dedicated to the HonesTea beverage. In addition, the duo hosted a LIVE streaming video event on the Wendy’s Periscope channel called the “Sip Me Up Booth” where fans were able to interact with Rhett & Link in real time.


They YouTube video had over 4.6 Million organic views and Rhett & Link helped add 2,700 followers and 65,000 Hearts to Wendy’s Periscope account in one day.

Client: Wendy’s
Creator: Rhett & Link
Campaign: HonesTea
Platform(s): YouTube, Periscope
Service(s): Branded Content Social Promotion