S71 US – Brands

Media Across Platforms.

Our Technology Ensures Brand Safety

We utilize content keyword filters, human review, and historical content data via our brand-safe technology tool, Context, which allows for content and audience targeting to ensure 100% brand safety.

Our Data Ensures Precise Targeting

We can predict the commercial viability of a creator in our network using audience demographic data, past campaign data and reserved media analytics via our proprietary machine learning tool called Oracle. 

Our Ad Products Deliver Results

Our Reserved YouTube offering includes over 1,800 premium channels and puts your brand in front of the most popular videos on the internet. We deliver optimal ad results using different strategies of custom content, ad reads, pre-roll videos, and research. 

Branded Content.

Shout-Outs and Dedicated Videos

We offer shout-outs and dedicated videos by providing direct access to the most influential personalities driving culture today. We also work in partnership with creators for co-branded content. 


We create, operate, and manage social media channels and pages for clients and work with creators to ensure content goes live on time. 


We provide access to creator first-party data, direct platform relationships, and the ability to make real-time adjustments to paid campaigns via our analytics tracking. We also offer custom white label reporting at the campaign and post-campaign level. 

Channel Strategy.

Audience Development

We develop and execute comprehensive channel strategies including daily uploads, optimization, and format ideation around new and existing client video catalog(s). After analyzing and optimizing your current content, we will maximize your viewership by ideating, A/B testing, and reviewing the data driven by new video formats introduced to your channel.

Rights Management

We provide security measures that ensure maximum monetization of content by monitoring and claiming all third-party uploads of your YouTube video catalog. You can earn ad revenue from that content, block that content, and redirect traffic to the appropriate channel when users access a third-party upload.

Custom Reporting

We track your success to ensure that our strategy is tailored to best fit your goals and target audiences. Using technology and human skill, we provide regular guides and outlines covering actionable optimization recommendations, channel analytics, internet trends, content release schedules, and platform features.

Podcast Advertising.

Live Reads

Read by the host in the show’s individual style.

Programmatic Ads

Pre-recorded by an agency or an advertiser and shared with the podcast audience in the back catalog of show episodes for ongoing revenue. 

Dynamic Host Reads

Read by the host and inserted into the back catalog of show episodes. They can be used as a test for a brand before moving to premium host-read ads.